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Down Victoria Street, there lives a quaint elderly lady named Madam. The whole neighborhood knows her for a few things. One is her distinct accent, and the other is that she drives the smallest car in town. The car is a ’66 Mini Cooper S, which Madam brought with her from England.

Madam is close friends with the family of Huey, a little boy who enjoys going on rides in the Mini. But one day, when the two are enjoying a ride during an errand, they find themselves on the most unlikely road adventure.

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Madam looked at me and said, “Hubert, I shall not be intimidated by Mr. Big. This Mini will win!”

The next thing I knew the Mini and the ‘Vete were side-by-side. Madam yelled out to the guy, “NITROS BUBBA.” His eyes and mouth were both open wide as we blasted forward.

“Sir Archie believed this little car was meant to show the bigger isn’t always better.”

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